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Partial funding courtesy of the Board of Visitors, Trends Charitable Fund, Child Abuse Prevention License Plate Grant, Arizona Community Foundation and AZ Republic/12 News "Season For Sharing" and generous private family foundations. Defenders receives no government funds and is totally dependent on donations from the public and our own self-sustaining efforts.

Defenders of Children is an Arizona nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization launched in January 2008 by a team of professional child advocates with 60 years combined experience. Defenders of Children does not directly represent children or family members in legal matters, but employs its resources to ensure that abused (or allegedly abused) children receive the protections and the rights to which they are entitled. Defenders of Children's services are free or offered at a reduced fee. However, Defenders of Children can only become involved after client families have already used public recourse such as Child Protective Services, and yet find their children are still at risk. Defenders of Children is funded by grants and donations.   (learn more)
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Released Aug 21, 2008.

Meet our Family Support Team: Merrill Robbins, Esq. and Chance, the Therapy Dog!


 Merrill Robbins, Esq.   Chance, at work.
Child Advocacy 101,
a collection of essays written by professionals about child protection issues and systems in America.


Merrill Robbins

Defenders of Children is fortunate to add Merrill Robbins to our consulting staff. Formerly a volunteer with the agency, Mr. Robbins brings 30+ years experience in family law to our client-families.

Chance the Therapy Dog

Chance is our 9-year-old therapy dog. Chance brings people together as he touches their hearts and emotions.

He helps scared little kids speak as they offer him treats and get him to do tricks. Chance helps cut through the "attitudes" of pre-teens as he looks for hugs and strokes of kindness.

He is our official Greeter and becomes our Executive Director's dog to take home at night.

In-Kind Donations

Defenders of Children welcomes legal, medical, mental health and retired law enforcement professionals who desire to volunteer their services on a one-time or a one-case basis. We provide annual training to attorneys and others in areas of child protection.  (learn more)

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