Supervised Parenting Time

DofC is one of the Maricopa County Family Court’s frequently ordered parenting time supervision facilities. We take great pride in this service, try to make each parent and every child who utilizes our services to feel comfortable. We know these cases are never easy, and we are sensitive to the array of qualms parents may have about the first visit. We offer trained, specialized, educated, professional parenting time professionals, who are all wonderful with children of all ages. Our visitation room offers a warm, fun play area for kids, with toys, books, a computer, and more, to help supervised parents attempt to re-connect with their children in a healthy, safe, supervised environment. We will provide off-site visits (usually at a parent’s home, restaurant, kids’ museum, etc.) IF the parents agree, on a case by case basis. Regular supervision is $60/hour, and therapeutic supervision is $85/hour. Your court order will normally identify which level of service the judge in your case believes is appropriate.

What Our Clients Say

Defenders really helped me get through the anxiety-producing time of being court-ordered to pay to see my kids with a supervisor watching me the whole time. I definitely had my guard up with them, but came to realize they weren’t on either parent’s side, they were just there to keep my kids safe and facilitate our relationship. They were patient, totally unbiased, were wonderful with the kids. I know I have work to do as a dad, but this agency allowed me to learn and grow.

R.M. (father)

When my custodial rights were taken away due to my long battle with addiction, I was devastated. My 2 little girls had lost faith and trust in me as their mommy, and I lost the confidence in myself at that time. The case manager and supervisors at Defenders of Children taught me that I HAD to hold my head up for my kids, do whatever I needed to do to afford the service, and show my girls I could be there for them on a consistent basis. I have been sober since Feb. 2020 and I have re-gained joint custody of my girl. Thank you, Defenders!
K.S. (mother)

Supervised parenting time should be viewed as an opportunity to re-connect and have fun with your kids, despite the tough custody dispute you may find yourself in. By making the most of supervised visits, you can show the Court, your co-parent, and most importantly your child that you will do whatever you have to do to regain their trust and earn their love. Please call us at (602) 710-1903 for more information, or start by filling out the “Supervised Parenting Time Intake Form” which can be found under the “Forms” tab.